January 2015 Browser Share

by Matthew Adams

As endjin.com gets a few tens of thousands of users a month, who tend to be focussed in the general segment of ‘Microsoft Platform Developers, CIOs and CTOs”, and tend to arrive via a Google search, we have (more out of interest than anything else) been keeping tabs on browser share. Starting this month, I’m […]

Avoid circular dependencies with AngularJS Directives

by Matthew Adams

A problem you may encounter if you try to implement my previous example in your own code, is that your implementation of templateRepository cannot (apparently) make use of $templateCache, because angular will throw a circular dependency error. To avoid this, you can inject the $injector service into the templateRepository, and defer the dependency resolution until […]

Guest Blog Post: Second Day of Work Experience (2014)

by Howard van Rooijen

This is the second blog post from Jack, 15, who is carrying out two weeks’ work experience at endjin over the Summer. On day two, Jack learns about work tracking and software project management using YouTrack, and gets to grips with logical operators in C#! ————— On day two, I arrived at the endjin office […]

Following on from the previous post in this series which dealt with branching and pushing your changes, this post looks at how you can deal with merge conflicts. I’ll describe when conflicts occur and how they can be dealt with using Visual Studio, and third party Git client SmartGit. The next post in the series […]

Event stream manipulation using Rx – Part 2

by Richard Kerslake

In Part 1 of this post we became familiar with the Observer pattern, the Rx framework, and using marble diagrams to represent and think about sequences of events. In this post we will use a few of these ideas to write some code and produce something. Let’s get started! An example scenario and requirements Imagine […]

Understanding dependency injection

by Alice Waddicor

Dependency Injection (DI) was one of the areas I had to get to grips with when I began my apprenticeship with endjin. Because DI deals with something as fundamental as the creation of new objects, it has been used by all of the applications I’ve encountered here. This blog post sums up what I’ve learnt […]

This is part three of a set of blogs I’m writing as I learn about Git. In part one, I talked about Git’s distributed architecture, its approach to version management, and its support for frequent branching and merging. In part two, I looked at some of the tools we use to work with Git at […]

Making the move from iOS to Windows Phone 8

by Howard van Rooijen

I’ve been a smartphone user since I purchased my first Orange SPV in 2002; this was quite a revolutionary jump compared to the Nokia 5110 & 3210 I had been previously using (and before that I had a pager – I was an impoverished student, my father was quite seriously ill, but mobile phones were […]

Guest Blog Post: Work Experience at endjin – Week 2

by Howard van Rooijen

As mentioned in the last post, we’ve been hosting Joshua Cheung, 15, for the past two weeks for his work experience placement. What did he do in week two? Read on… ———- Where has the time gone? The days being at Endjin have just flown by. The days were jam packed with information and excitement. Just […]