I received quite a bit of positive feedback about my post “Equipping a kick-ass meeting room for less than £1500“, the general tone being “we’re looking at implementing the same thing for our meeting rooms”. We also get positive feedback (mixed with a bit of envy) when clients come to endjin HQ and see the […]

Making the move from iOS to Windows Phone 8

by Howard van Rooijen

I’ve been a smartphone user since I purchased my first Orange SPV in 2002; this was quite a revolutionary jump compared to the Nokia 5110 & 3210 I had been previously using (and before that I had a pager – I was an impoverished student, my father was quite seriously ill, but mobile phones were […]

Guest Blog Post: Work Experience at endjin – Week 2

by Howard van Rooijen

As mentioned in the last post, we’ve been hosting Joshua Cheung, 15, for the past two weeks for his work experience placement. What did he do in week two? Read on… ———- Where has the time gone? The days being at Endjin have just flown by. The days were jam packed with information and excitement. Just […]