We read an awful lot in the press about startups and their immense valuations. Here’s a recent post from Business Insider about the 9 startups that are going to be valued at more than $10bn in 2015. We have a lot of conversations with early stage startups who are about to take their first or […]

Guest Blog Post: First Day of Work Experience (2014)

by Howard van Rooijen

One of endjin’s primary objectives is to do whatever we can to improve the state of the software development profession; not only in our day-to-day engagements with our clients, but also in how we try and provide opportunities for learning and growth for anyone who wants a career in our industry; we have our own […]

The Brief Towards the end of 2013 endjin were handed a brief by Mark Poynton, Head Chef and owner of Restaurant Alimentum in Cambridge for his entry into the Great British Menu 2014. For those not familiar with the TV show, it offers the chance for the nation’s top chefs to compete for the opportunity to cook a banquet […]

I received quite a bit of positive feedback about my post “Equipping a kick-ass meeting room for less than £1500“, the general tone being “we’re looking at implementing the same thing for our meeting rooms”. We also get positive feedback (mixed with a bit of envy) when clients come to endjin HQ and see the […]

Equipping a kick-ass meeting room for less than £1500

by Howard van Rooijen

Update January 2015: we’ve purchased a number of NUC devices and have found some better components – these are now listed. Everyone knows that having a good working environment makes for a happier and more productive team. My first pet project for 2014 was to kit out our new meeting room and turn it into […]

Guest Blog Post: Work Experience at endjin – Week 1

by Howard van Rooijen

I’ve written about endjin’s commitment to Apprenticeships before and we’re almost at the anniversary of our first apprentice joining the company. At DevOps London earlier in the year I was approached and asked if we would be open to accepting a work experience placement for a year 10 secondary school student. We thought it would be […]

PowerShell Best Kept Secrets: Splatting

by Howard van Rooijen

It’s been over a year since I wrote An Omega Geek’s Guide to Learning PowerShell, and I thought it was about time, with all the recent  noise about scriptcs, that PowerShell should get some more love as it’s a much overlooked and misunderstood gem of the .NET and Windows ecosystem. When I announced in the office that […]

End of the first week

by Mike Larah

As thought, by modifying our YouTrackSharp CreateUser method to use PUT instead of POST (and creating the Put method), this fixed the password issue and is now fully functioning. So one down! Next up was to try TeamCity and straight to C# and VS 2012 for this one as the REST API looked similar to […]

Day 3: Client meeting

by Mike Larah

Yesterday was spent out on site as we met with a client to discuss their PR/marketing strategy. Whilst marketing isn’t the first discipline that springs to mind when thinking about development, I saw yesterday how much of a integral part it can play in the success of a company/product/service. The process we went through involved […]

Day 2: Errors and Debugging

by Mike Larah

Day 2 was met mainly with errors but was not in vain . We successfully managed to get the PowerShell script from yesterday to add a new user to YouTrack but without creating a password. There was another function found in the REST API to create new user with password but this was where we […]

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