Guest Blog Post: First Day of Work Experience (2014)

by Howard van Rooijen

One of endjin’s primary objectives is to do whatever we can to improve the state of the software development profession; not only in our day-to-day engagements with our clients, but also in how we try and provide opportunities for learning and growth for anyone who wants a career in our industry; we have our own […]

This is part two of a series of blogs which I’m writing as I learn about Git, an open source distributed version control system, and find out how it can be used for .NET development. In part one I talked about Git’s distributed architecture, its approach to version management, and its support for frequent branching […]

Using Git for .NET development part 1 – what’s Git?

by Alice Waddicor

The first few weeks of my apprenticeship involved a crash course on source control with Git. I’ll be sharing what I learned in a series of blogs, looking at Visual Studio’s Git extension, and the Git client SmartGit. In this blog, I start off with a tour of the fundamentals of version control with Git. […]

After an whirlwind start in Week 1, week 2 gave me a welcome chance to find out more about the ideas that had gone flying past, wrangle with Git, and get more hands on experience working with Endjin’s codebase. Alongside this was a dive into the deep end of client virtualisation project, as I sat […]

Apprenticeship Day 5

by Alice Waddicor

The last day of week one, and I was “putting the tea bag in the cereal bowl tired”. However, this was the best day of a very good week. The commuting part of the day was spent reading up on asynchronous methods in .NET 4.5, making sense of the all-pervasive ‘async’ and ‘await’ keywords and […]

Apprenticeship Day 4

by Alice Waddicor

Code Review Day 4 began with a code review lead by Mike. The aim of the session was to come up with a plan for re-factoring Endjin’s membership framework for user authentication and authorisation. The library uses Users, Groups, Roles and Permissions to provide Role-based access management, which offers granular control over the tools and […]

Apprenticeship Day 3

by Alice Waddicor

On day 3, I got to put the previous days’ learning into practice, as I tried implementing Atom functionality in Vellum, Endjin’s Azure-based Content Management System. This happened under the watchful eye of Matthew, who guided me through the process remotely through a combination of Skype and TeamViewer. This worked remarkably well – via TeamViewer […]

Apprenticeship Day 2

by Alice Waddicor

Day 2 began with a look at the commercial side of the business. Howard explained that Endjin’s philosophy is to make sure that everyone – whatever their level or role – understands how the business operates, and applies this knowledge to their every day activities. We talked about the importance of accurate project scoping, time […]

Apprenticeship Day 1

by Alice Waddicor

From the day when a tweet set me reading about Endjin’s approach to apprenticeships, I knew this role was something different from the usual junior developer positions. The website described a structured three year training programme, benefitting from the hard-won expertise of industry veterans – exactly what I was looking for to bridge the gap […]

Guest Blog Post: Work Experience at endjin – Week 1

by Howard van Rooijen

I’ve written about endjin’s commitment to Apprenticeships before and we’re almost at the anniversary of our first apprentice joining the company. At DevOps London earlier in the year I was approached and asked if we would be open to accepting a work experience placement for a year 10 secondary school student. We thought it would be […]