Which programming language should I learn in 2015?

by Matthew Adams

Back in 2013, we looked at a brief history of the programming languages that gained traction in various different business domains, the near-hegemony of the C family of languages from the late 1980s, and their evolution into languages like Java, C#, and JavaScript. We concluded with a look at what drives the (buzzing) node.js community […]

Year 1 as an endjin software engineering apprentice

by Alice Waddicor

Year one of my apprenticeship with endjin has gone incredibly quickly. I came to endjin having completed the taught modules of a Computer Science conversion MSc (the project was completed this year). When I look back on what I’ve learnt, it’s not just technical facts, but also the skills to deal with common issues, a […]

Guest Blog Post: First Day of Work Experience (2014)

by Howard van Rooijen

One of endjin’s primary objectives is to do whatever we can to improve the state of the software development profession; not only in our day-to-day engagements with our clients, but also in how we try and provide opportunities for learning and growth for anyone who wants a career in our industry; we have our own […]

This is part two of a series of blogs which I’m writing as I learn about Git, an open source distributed version control system, and find out how it can be used for .NET development. In part one I talked about Git’s distributed architecture, its approach to version management, and its support for frequent branching […]

Using Git for .NET development part 1 – what’s Git?

by Alice Waddicor

The first few weeks of my apprenticeship involved a crash course on source control with Git. I’ll be sharing what I learned in a series of blogs, looking at Visual Studio’s Git extension, and the Git client SmartGit. In this blog, I start off with a tour of the fundamentals of version control with Git. […]

After an whirlwind start in Week 1, week 2 gave me a welcome chance to find out more about the ideas that had gone flying past, wrangle with Git, and get more hands on experience working with Endjin’s codebase. Alongside this was a dive into the deep end of client virtualisation project, as I sat […]

Apprenticeship Day 5

by Alice Waddicor

The last day of week one, and I was “putting the tea bag in the cereal bowl tired”. However, this was the best day of a very good week. The commuting part of the day was spent reading up on asynchronous methods in .NET 4.5, making sense of the all-pervasive ‘async’ and ‘await’ keywords and […]

Apprenticeship Day 4

by Alice Waddicor

Code Review Day 4 began with a code review lead by Mike. The aim of the session was to come up with a plan for re-factoring Endjin’s membership framework for user authentication and authorisation. The library uses Users, Groups, Roles and Permissions to provide Role-based access management, which offers granular control over the tools and […]

Apprenticeship Day 3

by Alice Waddicor

On day 3, I got to put the previous days’ learning into practice, as I tried implementing Atom functionality in Vellum, Endjin’s Azure-based Content Management System. This happened under the watchful eye of Matthew, who guided me through the process remotely through a combination of Skype and TeamViewer. This worked remarkably well – via TeamViewer […]

Apprenticeship Day 2

by Alice Waddicor

Day 2 began with a look at the commercial side of the business. Howard explained that Endjin’s philosophy is to make sure that everyone – whatever their level or role – understands how the business operates, and applies this knowledge to their every day activities. We talked about the importance of accurate project scoping, time […]

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