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The Machine that Changed the World

by Steve Garnett

First of all, I apologise for the length of this blog, but there’s some serious stuff to be said! The Machine that Changed the World by Womack, Jones & Roos This is a book that has been on my reading list for a few years and I finally got round to reading it a few months […]

CIO/IT Directors – What Agile Means to You

by Steve Garnett

Agile is a double-edged sword! On the one hand, following a period of intense change, budget spend and organisational upheaval… your department will have quicker cycle times to market, be more predictable operationally, produce higher quality software, have better working relationships with its customers and will be more adaptive to changes of business objectives and […]

I first published this post back in 2005, but it remains a popular article for those first starting to work with Scrum. Enjoy! As a PM my general approach to initiating projects has been to build a Project Initiation Document (PID – Prince). A PID details the project objectives, initial scope, organisational structure, roles & responsibilities, […]